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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  March 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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firefighters are still on the scene of a devastating blaze in bruns wick that broke out late last night. good afternoon. showing you scenes from air tracker five above the bankruptcy wick location. the focus is on the apartment building. a four-year-old girl died six other people are hurt and several families homeless. we have sarah finny with how
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support the victims but first sarah is live where a news conference just wrapped up. >> city and fire officials just addressed the media and wrapped up taking questions but one of their main focuses here today extending the sympathies of the family mourning the loss of the four-year-old daughter and focusing on helping out the 50 people who lost so much until this devastating future. this fire impacted two apartment buildings with 12 units each. hours ago officials said the fire may have started in the building's basement but just shared an update on the investigation. right now looks like the cause may never be determined. >> right now we are pretty much concluding our investigation. as of right now the fire is going to be undetermined. >> we have a team of reporters
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coverage for you at 4, 5 and 6 and if you are looking to help the families involved in this fire st. ambrose church just said they need cash donations. tara molina. news channel 5. >> thanks for your report. the families that lost everything in that fire sarah finny that flames engulfed the building in just seconds. >> fire crews are still here at hickory hill apartments two hours after they were engulfed in flames. >> i panicked. i was dead asleep. >> this is what she saw in her home. >> it was totally in flames. >> a four-year-old girl was trapped inside a basement apartment unable to be saved. >> most all of us have young children at home so it's tough. >> six people were rushed to the hospital.
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blaze. he's expected to be okay. for. >> only a charred skeleton of the building remains leaving dozens of people homeless. >> my apartment was in flames, the pets are dead, everything is gone. ambrose to help. >> it's incredible and shocking in a great way and a great sign of the community here. >> donations are being collected until 5 this evening. sarah fhinney news channel 5. >> stay with news channel 5 for continuing coverage on this story and download our news 5 app for updates on the go. we are following breaking news from east cleveland this afternoon. police there in east cleveland have recovered a stolen car that belongs to the son of cleveland's police chief williams. calvin williams jr. left his 2011 chevy impala running at a gas station.
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gun which was inside it. no suspects in the car theft and the gun that was inside the car remains missing. new at the noon hour as we continue investigators in south west ohio are revealing what they found in search with the school shooting there. bb guns ammunition knives and computers were seized from the home of the 14-year-old student accused of opening fire in madison high school cafeteria last month. four schools were injured in the shooting in middletown ohio in the southwestern part of the state. he's being held under charges of attempted murder. she's denied the charms. and a father is facing charges after his toddler wandered into traffic for the second time in two weeks. the three-year-old girl was spotted in the middle of west river road sunday afternoon. two weeks ago a worker at planet fitness a quarter mile found her wandering inside
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the father of the three-year- old chris peterson is under charges of child endangerment in this latest incident in the child wandering away. peterson is due for a court appearance tomorrow. ohio state troopers are searching for the driver who did not stop after hitting a 44- year-old man. the victim suffered head and serious leg injuries in sunday's crash. based on damaged car parts left at the scene the suspect was driving a black toyota coro la. pretty mild day out there. >> very mild day spring making a big time come back here. 64 for the greater cleveland area. that will be the high for our recording station but most locations in the mid to upper 60s through on the the afternoon. you can see from our contours map the warmer air continues to surge in. it's a bubble of high pressure well towards our south from 70 degrees to 69 out towards cincinnati.
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continues to track in. we are tracking this area of low pressure well towards our south northwest right now. you can see it's going to flow in here gulf moisture going to be hitting us as we head into your wednesday, thursday afternoon. so you can see hour by hour a lot more sunshine going to start to peek through into the 3: 00 hour. temperatures as we head into 7:00 p.m. we are still at 60 degrees. i'm going to show you hour by hour day by day when that rain starts to track in and also it is here. >> ah thank you. we will stay in touch with you of course. coming up you don't see this every day, a tree stuck in the hood of a car. police are using this bizarre all drivers. dangerous and deadly. distracted walking.
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i'll be back in just a moment. provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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there is new video of the after math of a train derailment in california. the train's first car plunged into a creek after the train struck a tree which had fallen onto the train tracks. several passengers had to be pulled from the water. at least nine people were hurt there in california. an illinois police department is trying to stop people from drinking and driving by using shocking images. want you to take a look at
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that's a car with a 15-foot tree lodged in it's front grill. police pulled over the driver on the wrong side of the road in january. the driver was arrested and charged with dui. it's something many people have done texting while walking and there's a new study just how good it can be. a report the number of pedestrians killed at traffic accidents last year increased 10% from of year before. one possible cause more distracted people walking while on their phones or other electronic devices texting or something like that. something else is happening here possibly in this place. the report lists low gasoline prices as a factor. more cars may be on the road. something to think about. up next campaign crunch time. two presidential candidates are in cleveland of course hoping to win over voters.
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joshua find a forever home. joshua is our pet of the week. we'll talk to joshua in just a
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i want to take you to chicago illinois right now.
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hilary clinton is set to make a speech at tric at 7:00. taking a look at brand new ohio polling numbers it is certainly a tight race for republicans. g.o.p. candidate donald trump is slightly ahead of kasich according to public policy polling. he has 38%, kasich at 35. and for the democrats right now clinton with a solid lead over bernie sanders 56-35. covered. check for updates on our news 5 app. meg shaw news channel 5. meg. in the meantime boaters in michigan, mississippi, idaho
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showing donald trump leading in those states making him the him. veterans are calling trump a draft and the conservative pack is attacking had i temperment and comparing him to hitler. >> i'm not happy about that certainly. i don't want that comparison but we have to be strong and vigilent. >> michael bloomberg is announcing he is not running for the white house because "there's a good chance my candacey could be against donald trump or ted cruz." among cleveland landing the republican national convention is a number of new hotels being built in this city and one of them opens today. the cofield hotel is located on east 9th street in downtown cleveland. the 122 room style hotel
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reflecting the rich social and industrial history of cleveland and luxury apartments. >> exciting stuff happening around our city right now. got to love it. >> lots going on in this town. i'm proud of my hometown. doing a good job and continuing to rise. >> like the temperature. >> good segway here. and the temperatures right now into the 60s across the board. i mean leon it feels like a nice spring day even though we are still in winter. >> i took a walk this morning. >> you've got to. not a cloud in the sky but a few clouds floating through the cleveland area. temperatures 65 out towards summit county continuing to climb into the rest of the day. 64 out towards the airport greater cleveland. i do think this is our official high for today. a little bit cooler for the airport but inland locations going to continue to warm up.
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radar the clouds are floating through but from the bigger picture high pressure well towards our south clouding floating in from cincinnati and they are not even seeing any moisture at this time but they will continue to shift towards the east. taking a look at our winds this is what's allowing for the graduate warm up out of the south 15 to 25 miles per hour and pretty prevalent into the rest of the day. hour by hour a little bit more sunshine working it's way in as we head in about the 3 and 5:00 hour. if you want to take a stroll tonight look at this by 9:00 we are still into the upper 50s. this is our next weather maker. this is gulf moisture that's going to provide us with some rain here as we head into your wednesday and thursday afternoon. you can see from our future cast though that warmer air continues to track in here as we head into wednesday this is 9:00 a.m. from west to east this moisture starts to work it's way in.
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degrees early morning hours. tomorrow afternoon expect 70s across the board. this is that bulk of that moisture that really starts to touch down as we head into thursday morning. now these are our accumulation totals kind of impressive here so going to see saturated ground out towards greater cleveland up to an inch to lake tioga county. enjoy today. 64 degrees about 20 to 25 degrees above our normal for this time of year. milder conditions even as we head into tonight and look at this, leon, we are still in the upper 50s lower 60s as we head into the weekend. looking very nice. nice and toasty here. remember we are also on the radio, cleveland 102 and 98.5w nc x and today is our pet of the week on tuesday and this is look at him. >> i'm so excited.
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to get him to turn around. >> he's such a good boy. he's so happy. >> look, look. >> you want to go home? >> show that cute face. >> i've done this before but i think it's worth saying. this guy did not have the best start of things. he's about a year old. he came to us because his owners really couldn't take care of him. he's put on double his weight since he's been with us and yet he's so happy with everyone he meets. we could all learn a lesson from these guys. live in the moment. be grateful, be happy, love everyone. >> i love him. >> see his face. >> what is the perfect home for him? >> he's a young guy. he's only one, he's got energy and is very active. he's going to do well in an active home and a home that takes time to train him and give him good manners and work with him and ultimately really
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>> he deserves that. >> we have a couple events coming up first on saturday we are going to be out at the land mark home and garden from 11 to 3. we are going to have dogs and data cats out there. and on sunday you can head to south park mall with your pet to get your picture taken with the easter bunny from 7 to 9:00 p.m. and should be fun and proceeds come back to help us continue to help animals. home. look at that face. [laughter] >> get down to cleveland hpo and adopt this cute pop.
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what a winter it has been. >> it's been a winter of low snow fall, northeast ohio 30- inches blow normal--below normal. >> i could tell we were snow deficient because i haven't shoveled as much. >> it feels like spring on the upward trend tracking rain into the weekend. >> that's going to do it for us. we appreciate you being with us. joshua also appreciates you be withing with us.
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and i'm leon. be well.
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the moment they go sailing into croc-infested waters. a guy at a feminist rally faces one angry woman. >> she doesn't care he supports the cause. >> the crazy twist that leaves the crowd floored. a driver finds something slithery under the hood. >> so he grabs it by the head. >> see the snake that keeps going and going and going. and -- a couple's first dance is a show-stopper.


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